"Annette has made a significant impact on my life and career. She has helped me to find and maintain my own self confidence and belief, whilst still grounding me in the reality of finding my own career path. She has shown me the importance of balancing life and work and that they are both just as important as one another.


When I began my coaching with Annette, I had just graduated, I was struggling to focus on a career path and was too afraid to approach any company for fear of my own inadequacy. Annette’s coaching has taught me that I was always capable and successful I just needed the tools to be able to see it, post Annette’s coaching I secured a 6 month placement with a company I admired and work that I loved.


Her way of coaching is gentle and encouraging and without Annette I wouldn’t have achieved what I have in the last year. I couldn’t thank her enough for all of the guidance and support she has given me to help me find the right path for me and inspiring me to believe in myself long after our coaching sessions have ended. Thank you Annette!"  AK

“I have faced some enormous personal challenges. Annette has helped me to deal positively with these challenges, and thanks to her invaluable support I have been motivated to take action to resolve my problems, rather than sinking into a morbid cycle of depression and low self-esteem."

I am now planning a new life and career overseas: it is inconceivable that I could have made and executed these plans without her encouragement. Today I am in a very much better place, and I am so grateful to her for the incisive and compassionate direction she has provided.”CG

" Annette helped me gain focus and make some vital positive changes in my life during a difficult time. I now know what my true values, passions and goals are and as a result I am so much happier."  LMB

“My coaching experience with Annette took me on a journey which helped me to clarify what’s important to me, recognise what I have to offer, and set realistic targets. Annette’s expert guidance has been instrumental in helping me to achieve some long held aspirations, and make much needed changes to my life. Her style is both gentle but straightforward."


She provided me with the right balance of insight and practical tools to help me work towards and ultimately achieve my goals. I have found Annette to be an excellent listener. She is sensitive, intuitive, caring and very easy to work with whilst remaining challenging, focussed and ensuring that I move forward. She approaches her work with love, enthusiasm and bucket loads of wisdom.” M L

"“Life coaching works. It is a powerful tool that enables you to have the life you want. Annette Bento is an exceptional life coach. In her sessions she maintains a consistent, rigorous, and intuitive approach which is very grounded; making you feel you are safe and in extremely capable hands. I always look forward to my sessions, and I always leave feeling inspired. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”  S B