We are living in such troubling and unsettling times. There's so much fear wrapped up in uncertainty and it will no doubt play havoc with people're mental and emotional health.  Most people have seen their usual daily routine and structure collapse around them and need to find ways of tackling possible stress and boredom.


Right now we need to focus our mind and energy on doing things that make us feel good  inside despite the air of negativity swirling around. Now is the time to nurture  yourself.


Create a  new daily routine/schedule


As well as working from home we can also adapt our day to include things like indoor exercise, reading, art, crafts, journalling, writing, cooking, meditating, DIY etc. There are so many things we can do to  channel your energy and occupy our minds in these unsettling times.

Looking for inspiration? Try Tube, Pinterest, Ted Talks etc.

Also want to learn something new? Udemy is an online training provider and offers low cost training courses.

Use Meditation Apps  e.g. CALM and guided meditations to  help calm your mind.